1. What is the Seller Score?

– As Jumia is a marketplace, customers have to choose between many vendors, and they need trust, safety and relevant information. Then, the Seller Score informs your customers about the quality of your shop.

– The objective of Seller Score is two-fold:

  • Enable customers to choose the most reliable sellers.
  • Grow your business by attracting more customers and by building a strong brand image.

2. Where can you see your Seller Score?

– You can see your Seller Score on your Seller Center Homepage.

  • Your score is very important for your customers since they look at it before buying your products. Reach a score of 5 to be among the best Jumia vendors.
  • Cancellation rate is the reliability of your shop. It is the percentage of orders you have cancelled over the last 4 weeks.
  • Quality score is the percentage of orders that have not been rejected or returned by customers because of quality issues.
  • Return rate is the percentage of items that have been rejected or returned by Jumia because of failed quality check.

3. How is your Seller Score calculated?

Based on your performance, each pillar is graded from 0 to 5, so, the final score is the reflection of the average of the 3 pillars

4. What is its impact for your customers?

– Your score as a vendor is visible on the page of each of your product. Products from top rated vendors have a conversion rate from 5 to 10 times higher than other vendors.

– The score that appears is the mean between the three criterias:

  • The Fulfillment rate is the equivalent to your Cancellation Rate that is in your Seller Center.
  • The Product Quality is the equivalent to your Quality Score in your Seller Center.
  • average customer rating of your products

5- How can you improve your Seller Score?

– Improve your Cancellation rate by updating your stock every day so that you will not have to cancel orders any more.

– Improve your Quality score by ensuring to stock only original, authentic, high quality products and brands.

6- What are the benefits of a high Seller Score?

– With a high Seller Score “3 or higher” you guarantee more visibility on the website pages and more customers will be able to see your products which equals more sales and revenew to your Marketplace, There will be NO penalty for cancellation or returns or order limitations “DOL/PSOL”

7- What are the results of a low Seller Score?

– With a low Seller Score “lower than 3” you be subject to Daily Order Limitation (DOL), which happens due to a high cancellation rate (10% or more), Quality return rate (5% or more), or the SLA of 48 hours for fulfillment is not followed, that in addition to an increase in the contribution to the business “commission” relatively to your seller score instead of applying a penalty every time you cancel an order or receive a quality-related return as per the table below.

*Note that Customer cancellation and Returns due to Customer changed mind Does Not affect your score.

8- Are all penalties gone now?

Only the penalties related to policies are still applicable such as:

  • Fake products = 3200LE
  • Prohibited products = 8250LE
  • QC Fail = 200LE

please note that this is only applied to protect the customers and provide them with the best service possible

Any questions? Don’t worry we are here to help you!

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