1. Which products can you create with this method?

If you have a singular product that does not already exist in Jumia.com, you can use this method to create from scratch your product page.

A/ Connect to your Seller Center: click on “Products” → “Add a product”.

B/ Click on “Create a new product”

C/ Select the Category and the subcategories of your product. Then click on “Select”

D/ Fill the main information about your product in the tables “Product Information” and “More product details”. The more precise your information is, the more chance you have to seduce your customer.

E/ In the “Product pricing” table, fill in the Seller SKU, the Quantity and the Price.

Leave the “Variation” field blank unless you have different sizes for the same item (for Fashion products, it is mandatory for size to be filled).

If your product has different colors, you have to add the other colors separately as new products.

F/ In the “Images” table, upload the images for your product page. Note that the first image will be the front image for your product. Besides, follow those instructions for the images you upload:

– Images need to be between 500×500 and 2000×2000 pixels.

– White background is recommended.

– No watermarks.

– Maximum image size is 2MB.

You can also crop or edit the images to choose the best part of the product you want to show by clicking on the pencil on the top of the image.

– Make sure that only the product is shown on the front image.

– Fashion product requires at least 3 images: front, back, side.

– Other categories only require one picture.

– You can add clarifying or detailed images after the front picture.

G/ Finally, click on “Submit and Finish”.

H/ To know if your product has been validated by our team, click on “Products” → “Manage products”

In the table, check the column “Visible” and if there is a red cross, click on it to see why your product creation has not been approved yet.

Once you have a green check, it means that your product is live on jumia.com.

Any questions? We are here to help you.

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