1. How do you know that you get new orders to deliver?

A/ Connect to your Seller Center account, and click on: Orders → Manage orders

B/ All your new orders will be in the section Pending.

2. How do you process an order?

A/ First, select the order you want to process, define its status on “Set status on ready to ship” and click on “Go”.

B/ Then, choose a Vendor Drop-Off (VDO) station and click on “Create package & Next”.

You can find here the list of all VDOs with their location and opening hours. (From Here)

C/ Click on “All documents” and on “Shipping labels” to print all the documents you need: the delivery receipt, the shipping labels and the receipt.

Once those documents are printed, you can click on “Ready to ship”.

Any questions? We are here to help you.

– Raise a claim on the Internet: From Here