Returns Process

How Jumia guarantees the vendors rights for returns

At Jumia, our goal is to make sure that your customers are happy with the purchased product and service, not only so that they will eventually be returning customers, but also that they will share their good experience with their family, and friends, and you will end up building up a larger base of customers who are loyal to your shop and service.

Jumia guarantees this for your customers through the returns process, where the customer is eligible to return a product within 14 days after receiving the product.  All returned items will undergo a quality check by our specialized after sales team.  You can know all about Jumia/customer return process by clicking here.

In order to guarantee no returns from your customers, we just need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Make sure the description of your product is 100% accurate and correct, so your customers will receive exactly what is described and shown on JUMIA.
  • Make sure you send the customer the correct product in terms of color, and size.
  • Make sure your product are genuine (Not high copy , nor counterfeit).
  • Make sure to pack your items using the packaging guidelines, to ensure that your customer will receive your product in its’ original condition.
  • Make sure you ship all the products your customer has ordered from your store.

Wondering how JUMIA Guarantees your rights in the returns process?

  • If the customer returned the item because he changed his mind, the items must be returned in its original condition (Example: For mobiles, the item must be sealed in its original condition so you can sell it once gain to a new customer, if the item was returned unsealed then JUMIA will not accept the item and return it back to the customer)
  • If the item is broken upon arrival, or a wrong item was delivered to the customer or something was missing, the customer must inform us within maximum 72 hours after receiving the item.
  • If you have concerns regarding the quality check, when you receive the item at the hub you will have the right to raise your claim regarding the quality check result with 48 hours, then we will proceed with an investigation, and refund you, if your claim is valid in the next money transfer.
  • The maximum SLA for the returns, and refund process is 30 days starting from the delivery date.

And In order to reduce the returns rate and make sure your customer will gave a good experience, charges will be applied for these below cases:

  • 60 EGP in case of customer returning a product due to wrong item or different size.
  • 500 EGP in case of discovering that you have delivered a damaged item to the customer except that if the item was delivered (sealed)in its original condition, and the return reason is factory fault in the item itself, then the charges will not be applied, and the item will undergo a normal return process.
  • 2500 EGP in case of discovering the item was previously used or refurbished.
  • 4000 EGP in case of discovering that the item delivered to the customer was fake/high copy.