1. Which products can you create with this method?

If the product you want to create already exists and is already sold by another seller on Jumia, you can follow this method to create yours in very simple and efficient way.

2. The method.

A/ Go on Jumia. In the search bar, search the product you want to create.

Make sure this is exactly the same product that you want to sell on your online store by checking that the specifications, the colour, the bundle, the capacity, etc. are the same.

Once you have found the same product, click on “SELL YOURS HERE”.

B/ Then, you will be redirected to your Seller Center account.

On the “Product Pricing” tab, please make sure to insert the seller SKU, the price and the quantity of the item you have in stock.

The Seller SKU is a code that defines your product on your store. Remember that every product in your store will have its own unique SKU even it’s for the same model with the same color but different size.

If you have different size for the exact same product model and color, make sure to put all size variation under the same product sheet by selecting a VARIATION (Size), then clicking on “Add another product variation” and adding the new size in the variation field and don’t forget to change the SKU code.

– Variations are only for size variation, and not color variations;

– Just add as many lines as there are variations available;

– Each new product color must be created as a new product.

C/ If you need to make some minor edits, check all the information in the other tabs (Product Information, More Product Details, Images).

D/ Click on Submit and Finish to finalize the creation of your products.

Any questions? We are here to help you.

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