1. How does it work?

The commission is mandatory for each order and will be charged once the order is successfully delivered to the customer.

Jumia deducts the commission only when the order is successfully delivered to your customer. It will be directly applied on the weekly account statement.

If you are selling an item X for EGP 1000 on JUMIA, and the item commission is 5%, mathematically the item commission should be only EGP 50.
You will be charged a total commission of EGP 50

– It is important to note that all Jumia will charge its commission based on the displayed price on the website by you as the Vendor. If the commission structure is reviewed you will be given ample notice so that you can effect this in your price.

2. How do you know which commission you have to apply?

A/ Connect to your Seller Center. Click on: Settings → Your profile → Commission and fees

B/ Then, identify the line related to the commission rate and click on “View” in the column “Actions”.

C/ Finally, according to the category of the product you want to sell, click on the + signs to find the commission rate corresponding to your product.

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