Lost and defected items compensation

Know JUMIA’s compensation invoice procedure

JUMIA guarantees their partners compensation for any lost and damaged items, if caused from our end.
All you need to do is follow some basic compensation invoice guidelines regarding the lost/damaged items, go guarantee compensation is granted, and to get compensated soonest.

Make sure to include below guidelines for the Compensation Invoice to guarantee compensation for lost and damaged items:

  • Date must be included.
  • Address must be "JUMIA Egypt" on the invoice itself.
  • If you will deliver the invoice personally, or send it using a courier, make sure it is addressed to the finance department at JUMIA Egypt.
  • Serial number must be included.
  • Clear item name and description must be included.
  • Item's original cost value before taxation is added, and the total amount after including VAT.
  • Total amount must be written in both forms; Letters and numbers.
  • The invoice Must be stamped, and must include the the commercial registration and taxation data clearly.

For vendors who are not subject to VAT for any reason, Make sure to submit the following:

  • Company letter addressed to JUMIA Egypt stating that the company is not subjected to VAT, while clarifying the reason and the date for the exemption.
  • Letter must be signed by the CEO of the company, and include bank authorization signature.

Example letter:

"نقر نحن شركة XXX، أننا غير خاضعين لضريبة القيمة المضافة وهذا ابتداءً من يوم dd/mm/yy وحتى تاريخه. تم إعفاء شركتنا من ضريبة القيمة المضافة لأننا لم نصل إلى الحد الأدني للتسجيل ولذلك نقدر دعمكم في قبول هذا الخطاب. وشكرًا."

Note :If you do not proceed with the mentioned guidelines for for the compensation invoice, JUMIA will not grant compensation for the lost or damaged item.