Images are powerful. They can tell a story, persuade, inspire, and much more. When used correctly, they will definitely help you sell your product. When it comes to running an ecommerce business, images are not optional. Before buying, shoppers like to check out an image to get a visual sense of the product. And the image can make or break the sale. If you dedicate time to creating stunning product photos and product details, customers will have confidence in the quality of your products. Nevertheless, the amount of product information provided in text (content) has a stronger impact on consumer attitudes and purchase intent.

To help you find everything you need to get your product online; Jumia has created this community for our valued partners/vendors. The community includes many talented photographers, photo editors, and content creators; experts in the e-commerce product presentation.; all in one place to directly contact and collaborate.

You will find their contact details  included in each profile to compare and choose what suits your business , then you can contact the one you find most suitable to your requirement, and discuss the cost, and arrangements to finalize your product creation soonest . LET’S GET YOU STARTED NOW BY CLICK ING HERE!