All about Shipping and Fulfillment

By 2017-02-16

How do I ship my orders on Jumia Seller Center?

To ship an order on the system, you have to:

  • Pick and Pack your order.
  • Print all needed documents.
  • Click Ready-to- Ship.

For detailed process, please click here to watch our video.

What are Jumia modules for shipping?

There are 3 different shipping modules with Jumia.

  • For small and medium products, you drop your orders at your selected hub in 24 hours from processing the order on your system.
  • For Large appliances, you will be allowed to ship the orders directly to your customers with agreed shipping duration.
  • If you are interested to Join Jumia First; our value added service that enables you to stock your products in our warehouse and ship directly from there, please click here for more information and subscription.

How should I pack my products before delivering them to Jumia warehouse?

Jumia will provide you with all the materials needed to pack your items. For Material request and packing guidelines, click here.