Smart QC

Discover a smarter Quality Check process

What is the Smart QC (Quality Check)?

The Quality Check (QC) process is based on checking your products at the drop-off station before being shipped and delivered to the customer. This is done to avoid packaging mistakes, wrong item size or color, counterfeit products, and items not matching the product description on JUMIA website, which will affect your store reputation, and increase the percentage of the returns and declined products.

To know examples for the items which will be rejected during the smart QC, click here.

Why is the Smart QC important?

  • To encourage you to deliver the orders successfully, on time.
  • To decrease the percentage of the returns and the declined products.
  • To gain customers trust and build your store reputation.
  • To achieve higher seller score and get a Gold Badge.

How should you be prepared for the QC process?

  • Pack the order halfway through (Do not seal the package) when going to the drop-off station to avoid consuming more packaging materials.
  • Prepare extra packaging material incase needed.
  • The quality check will be done randomly on some items.

Charges are to be applied in the following cases during smart QC at the drop-off stations:

  • 100 EGP in case of discovering different product than what was ordered, or different delivery receipt.
  • 200 EGP in case of discovering a defective product.
  • 200 EGP in case of discovering used or refurbished products.
  • 4000 EGP in case of discovering a fake, counterfeit, or high copy item.

What if I am not fully convinced of the QC failed reasons?

JUMIA developed a new feature on the Seller Center where you can easily communicate your claim.

You won’t need more than 30 seconds to fill the form and you can simply explain your case and even verify it with pictures for your items, then JUMIA will investigate and respond within 24 hours.

Why filling the Raise a claim form is so important?

Filling the form is keeping your case updated on the system where we can track and solve the case in a relatively short time.
So, if you didn’t fill the form, we won’t be able to help you resolve your case.