Order your Packaging Material Online

The easiest way to order your packaging material

Here you will learn how to order the packaging materials directly from JUMIA. To know what packaging materials you will need based on your category, Click here!

When ordering Packing materials please make sure you follow these instructions;

1- To avoid wasting packing materials make sure you only order the amount you expect to use during one month maximum.
*in case you can’t calculate the amount needed, use the minimum orders per day which is (5) and make the order as per the average.
Average order number (5) x number of days(15) = 75 orders
2- Always bring your orders to the hub with open bags, to help making the QC process easier and try to bring some extra packing materials to save time.
3- Make sure you always use the suitable size of packaging materials for your products in order not to waste packing materials.