Want to retrieve your products from Jumia Express ?

Possible, and simple!

To remove your items from Jumia Express, you’ll have to

1. Create a Return request, and

2. Schedule a pick up date at our warehouse.

To remove your products,

Go on your Seller Center > Products > Jumia Express

Go in the category “Return from Warehouse” (1) and then “Create new request” (2)

Here you can follow all your return requests.

    • Draft: Draft of un-submitted requests
    • Submitted: Requests already submitted, pending review and approval by Jumia
    • Accepted: Accepted Return Requests – you’ll be contacted shortly to confirm collection slot
    • Received: Items already retrieved from Warehouse (Received / partially received)
    • Cancelled: Return request has been cancelled by you or by our warehouse team.
    • Rejected: Return request has been reviewed and rejected by Jumia.

How do you know when your Return request has been reviewed and accepted?

  • Once your request has been accepted by Jumia, you will be contacted to confirm a final pickup date and time.
  • To retrieve your items, simply ensure you arrive at the Warehouse at the pre-determined slot with your RS number and receive your items.
  • Please note that if you arrive late we cannot guarantee that Jumia can process the return and you may have to reschedule.
  • Once you’ve received your items, you should check you items to ensure all is in order. In case of any issues we advise that you accept your items and raise a claim via Seller Centre
  • For more information on our warehouse, see next slide

Careful, depending on where you inbounded your items, you will have to come at the same place to have them back.



Location: New Cairo

Address: 85 Industrial Zone, Beside Ageba Factory, New Cairo. Click here for the location.

Sun-Thur 8:00 A.M – 5.00P.M

1. If your return request has been rejected, in most of the cases it is because the products have already been sold on the website between the moment you raised the request and the moment we treated it.


In case of further issue, you can raise a claim here or on the Seller Center (see below)


2. If the stock you have back at the Warehouse is not as you expected (damaged packaging, missing items), please collect your items and raise a claim here. We will investigate the issue and resolve directly.