You sent your products in Jumia Express ?

This training should help you manage your Jumia Express products!

Section 1: Inventory Management Guidelines

Jumia Express is ideal for your best selling products and will turbo-change your sales

However you must ensure you:

 – Inbound your top-selling products.

  Provide sufficient stock for 30 days (Non-Fashion Items) / 60 days (Fashion Items)

Inbound only high quality items.

Ensure your pricing is competitive.


Your customers will love popular products, delivered at speed with premium packaging and express shipping, this is a key factor in becoming a top vendor and increase your sales.

We might reject your PO request too if we think your product doesn’t meet Jumia Express requirements for “top-selling” items.

Our seller service might also contact you and advise you on the right price and products to put on Jumia Express.

Section 2: Managing your stock

Now that you’ve joined Jumia Express, you can manage your online boutique directly on the Seller Center. We explain you how to do it here.

If you want to have a full overview of your stock, Jumia Express and regular Dropshipping, you need to return to the main product dashboard:

It is also on this page that you can:

Section 3: Pricing your products

To improve your business performance, differentiate from other sellers.

How can you differentiate?

With a higher seller score: customers trust you more than the others sellers. Seller score reflects the quality, reliability (low cancellation rate) and speed (shipment in less than 48 hours) of your shop online. With Jumia Express, we can help you with the two last points!

  With a good product rating after each order, customers will be asked to rate the product. Generally customer selection between two similarly priced products is determined by the product rating.

–  Price has a huge impact on the decision of a customer to buy any single product.It is very important that your product has the good price if you want to benefit from an increase in your sales!


You can directly change the prices of your products on Seller

Centre! We explain how to do it here!

Section 4: Tracking your performance

We’ve developed some tools to help you follow your performance as easily as your offline boutique !

On the main page of the Seller Center, you can find a global overview of your performance and seller score – it collates information from both Jumia Express and Dropshipping:

Once your first PO is inbounded, you will also receive an automated weekly update via email of your stocks at the warehouse



This report will give you an exact snapshot of what is going on with the stock you put on Jumia Express.

You can have an overview per PO and per product SKU.

We also explain you the different columns here.

If something seems wrong in this report and with your stock, do not hesitate to contact our seller service or to raise a claim here.