Want to join Jumia Express?

You will learn how to send your products in Jumia Express, schedule a Drop Off date at the Warehouse and prepare your products for the inbound.

To join Jumia Express you’ll have to:

1. Create a request to send your product to our Jumia Express warehouse.

2. Schedule a drop off date at our warehouse and

3.Prepare your products for the inbound following our guidelines

1st step: create a request to send your products in Jumia Express

Now that you’ve joined Jumia Express, you will need to create your first Delivery Request to start selling products – we offer here full explanation of the process.

Creating a New Jumia Express Request

Follow Up on Your Jumia Express Request

Once your request has been submitted, our teams will review it and approve it based on the following points:

1 Run rate: run rate flow For the Items

2 Return Rate: Which means if the items have a high rate of a returns, this will affect the accepted quantity that will approved

3 Seller KPIS:  The accepted KPIS have to be greater than 2.5 to allow the seller to create a PO and his average Seller score is affecting in his accepted quantities

4 Conversion rate: we calculate the capacity and the accepted quantities based on the availability of the specific storage for each category

In the meantime, if you go in “Sent to Warehouse” in Jumia Express category, you will find your request with the status “submitted”.

-Within 48 hours you’ll be notified through seller-center whether “Accepted, Rejected or Edited -more or less stock-” and you get to either Accept or Reject.

Note: the maximum SKUs in the PO is 50 SKU , with maximum items quantity 500 item, otherwise the PO will be cancelled as it will not be matching the criteria, except for the fashion SKUs

Please note: we reserve the right to reject your request if it doesn’t comply with our warehouse’s inbounding rules.

In this “Send to Warehouse” tab, you can also navigate in the different status of your requests:

  • Draft: you created the Jumia Express request, but did not submit it to our team yet. You have to submit or it won’t be processed.

  • Submitted: request has been processed and waiting for our team’s approval.

  • Approval needed: request has been changed during the quality check by warehouse team.

  • Accepted: you can now go at the Warehouse on the date agreed with our team and drop off your products

  • Recieved: after the inbound process and quality check at the Warehouse, your request will have the “received” status

  • Cancelled: request has been cancelled by you or by the Warehouse

  • Rejected: request has been rejected by our team – to avoid this, see recommendations for your request below.

Your request has been accepted by our team?

Optimize your request acceptance rate and select your best products.

If you already sell your products on Jumia:

You can easily check your Best Selling products.

If you are a new vendor wishing to join Jumia Express, and have no products on the Seller Center

To select your top product, base your choice on such criteria as:

    Good offline sales history.

Limited competition. Flexible margins.

    Flexible margins

-By choosing this category of products, you will ensure an optimal request acceptance rate by our team, and a strong business performance on Jumia.

2nd step: schedule a drop off date at our warehouse

Once your request to send products in Jumia Express has been accepted by Jumia’s Commercial Team, you are ready to dispatch your items to our warehouse.

The process is simple:

  1. Go on you Seller Center to find your PO number, If you are unsure as how to get this PO, we explain everything below.

  2. Book your Inbound slot via the Inbound Scheduling Tool (see below how to use it).

  3. Ensure you items are prepared according to the inbound guidelines below , then deliver your shipment to the Jumia Warehouse at the pre-agreed time.

  4. The jumia warehouse team will carry out a brief quality check and subsequently inbound your items. For more information on the inbound process, read below.

Please note that if you fail to arrive at your specified time & date slot, your items may be rejected and a penalty will be applied.

How to book an Inbound Slot

You’ll need

  • PO Number (Confirmed at point of PO acceptance)

  • Jumia registered email address

  1. Navigate to the Inbound Scheduler link

  2. Enter PO number and email address and run the search

The tool will automatically provide the request details and the next available slot based on the capacity you intend to inbound.

You can choose the most convenient slot for your inbound.

Location: New Cairo

Address:  85 Industrial Zone, Beside Ageba Factory, New Cairo. Click here for the location.

Sun-Thur 8:00 A.M – 5.00P.M

And here you can see how to use the inbound schedule tool

3rd step: prepare your products for the inbound following our guidelines

You’ve joined Jumia Express, created your first inbound request and scheduled a Drop Off date ?

It’s time for you to prepare your stock for the inbound at our Warehouse!

Inbound Quality control

Each batch of your product will undergo a quality control check at the point of receipt at our warehouse. Only batches which pass this quality control phase are inbounded into the Warehouse.

This is an important step which reduces return rates, and helps to improve your customers’ satisfaction and your seller score.

See below the “Inbound QC” Guidelines which determines whether your items will be accepted into our Warehouse. Please pay attention to this checklist, as it will save you time at the point of delivery.

If 30% of your products of each SKU don’t pass the quality check, the whole inbound shipment will be rejected.

Jumia has a “zero-tolerance” policy for Counterfeit / Fake products. The following chart indicates the expected outcome for Branded Items where the physical product differs from the online listing.

Here are a few things we will check for each categories:

For more specific criteria on products (brand products, garment, mobile phones, electronics and other categories), please refer to the following QC Guideline Presentation.