JUMIA’s premium service

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What is the JUMIA Express service?

How can you join JUMIA Express?

What do you need to do to enjoy the benefits of JUMIA Express?

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Jumia Express is our premium service that will grow your sales and ease the fulfillment of your orders. Jumia will store, pack and ship your items directly to your customers.

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  • Make sure you already know how you create your products on the Seller center, and understand what the SKU is, before proceeding. If not, please book a full onboarding trianing from here.
  • You will need to upload the PO on the seller center first ,please watch the video here to know how to do it correctly. We also have the JUMIA EXPRESS training online Webinar. Book the training from here.
  • The delivery request needs to be scheduled at least 3 working days before delivering the shipment to the warehouse.(You will insert this date in the pick-up column as shown in the video/ image)
  • The PO will be revised, and quantities may be modified to ensure storage facilities for the best selling products.
  • After confirming your PO, you have to register a date and time to deliver your products to the warehouse. please watch this video for more elaboration.
  • You will be receiving an email confirmation with the date and time to deliver your shipment to the warehouse.
  • If you haven’t received the confirmation email with the final PO, you need to contact Raise A Claim
  • All Deliveries except the bulky ones go to Jumia warehouse in the 5th Settlement. 85 Industrial Zone, Beside Ageba Factory, New Cairo. Click here for the location.
  • All bulky items go to PIL warehouse. address: 3rd Industrial Zone, Beside Hyper one, in front of LG factory, 10th of Ramadan, El Narges village. click here for the map
  • Make sure you come in the mentioned time slot in the confirmation email.
  • Shipments should be received, sorted and packaged well from your end, in order to have a smooth and fast inbound.
  • The whole inbound shipment will be rejected if 30%(+) of the items did not pass the quality check during the inbound process
  • Each SKU must be packed individually in a separate transparent bag, and you need to stick the SKU sticker on each transparent bag.
  • If the SKU is a bundle, then you will pack each bundle separately in a transparent bag.
  • The inbound team  will not accept any items from our suppliers unless it got the country of origin either written on the box or the item itself, Having the “Made in” sign as a sticker or stamp on the item itself will not be accepted.(In cases for fashion accessories, the “made in” sign can be on the transparent bag)
  • Warehouse shipments must be received matching with the created PO , as any extra items (extra quantity , sizes or colors not included in the PO ) will be returned with the delivery representative.
  • All received items will be in-bounded on the same day of receiving, as long as the PO is accurate.
  • The inbound team  will not accept any items from our suppliers unless it got the country of origin either written on the box or the item itself, Having the “Made in” sign as a sticker or stamp on the item will not be accepted.
  • After the items are inbounded and Jumia updates the stock, once the customer places the order, JUMIA will pack and ship the orders to the customer.
  • Once the order is delivered it will be reflected to your account statement as a successful sale.
  • For each successful delivered order , a processing fee will be charged, you can know about it click here.
  • If an inbounded item hasn’t been sold for 60 days, Jumia will contact you to receive those items for the warehouse, as apparently there is no demand for them currently in the market. All you will need to do is create a return PO with these items, and come to receive these items.
  • The Order Processing Fees will be applied only on the final delivered orders.
  • These charges are applied based on the item level. It will depend on the size of the products in your order.
  • To know the size of your order,and how much you will be charged, click here.
  • To know more about the processing fee,click here.
  • You need to keep in mind that for JUMIA EXPRESS sellers, there are 2 types of stock.
  • Jumia Express Jumia Stock: Is the stock that is inbounded to JUMIA’s warehouse (Note that JUMIA updated this stock automatically after counting the items inbounded to the warehouse, so you must never update this stock.)
  • Allocated stock: This only applies for sellers who run JUMIA Express and Regular Marketplace module at the same time. You must make sure that these stock are actually available at your store and that you have the packaging materials to pack the items if they have been placed in the order.
  • If you have stock for the same item at Jumia Express stock and allocated stock, automatically we will use the stock from JUMIA Express first. 
  • If your account in 100% only JUMIA Express, then you must never update the stock!
  • JUMIA guarantees the products for your customer for the 1st 14 days.
  • If the customer returned the product with 7 days in its’ original condition, it will be added once again to the stock automatically to be sold again.
  • If the customer misused the item and returned it, after the quality check, we will return the item back to the customer.
  • If the customer returned the product, and after the quality check it was found to be defective, the seller will be contacted to arrange how the item will be returned to him.

In order to activate the Jumia Express service on your account, you’ll need to attend the Jumia Express On-boarding training online (webinar), book your training from here