Grow your sales on JUMIA with 9 easy tricks

Make sure your top sellers are always in stock with the best price scenario possible -Never miss a sales chance-.

Make sure you deliver all your orders right & on time -A happy customer will come back to buy again-.

Ask 3 questions when preparing a deal!

  1. Is anyone else selling my product?
  2. Is my product price sensitive?
  3. Do I have the best price or value offered for my product?

Make sure you have the right products which should be relevant to the season or the customer.

To know more about this follow our newsletter to get insights on customer needs, seasonality of products & to subscribe for our monthly campaigns webinar initiation.

Make sure you promote your products!

  • Join JUMIA’s monthly campaigns & activities through the invitation sent to you on email.
  • Join JUMIA’s on-going activities such as Joint Marketing Initiative through social media & News Feed feature on APP to provide more visits for your store.
  • Attend our monthly campaigns webinar to know more about areas that interests the customer & running campaigns.

Make sure you have packaging materials buffer to not miss on on sales spikes -25% of your weekly stock of packaging material is a good buffer-.

Online shopping demand is growing everyday & demand spikes are often to happen, make sure you make the best out of them.

For JUMIA’s packaging guidelines click here

Good content is the first step towards the customer’s trust, make it representing and comprehensive about your product.

Make sure of the following:-

  • Product name & brand must be correct and in both languages -AR & EN-.
  • Product Images, description, specifications must be 100% representing to the product physically -the more details you add the more informative the product becomes to the customer and facilitates the decision of buying-.
  • Make sure the products you list are compliant with JUMIA’s content guidelines

Check your Seller Coach feature on seller center here regularly to become more autonomous with decisions related to growing your business.

It provides you with practical and effective recommendations to increase your sales in one click for decisions on:

  • Pricing
  • Replenishment
  • Content
  • Sponsored Ads


Maximize your performance by following these operational tips:-

  • Make sure you offer the stock on seller center only if you have it physically to avoid cancellations due to Out Of Stock.
  • Make sure the offered product information matches the physical product shipped to customer by 100% & compliant with JUMIA’s guidelines here.
  • Make sure to QC your items for defects, missing components & expiry date if applicable.
  • Do frequent inventory checks to spot out -expired, faulty, missing- Items to make sure you have a healthy inventory.