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Packaging Material specifications

These items are used to guarantee that your item will be delivered to your customer in it’s original condition.

Click here to know which packaging material you will need to pack your items correctly.

Packaging Items
Carton Box (3mm Thickness)
Bubble wrap
Shrink wrap
Transparent Tape
Poly Bags (Plastic transparent Bag)
Sack (White Plastic)

Security items*

These items are used to secure your package. It guarantees the package for both; you and your customer.

*Please note that JUMIA will not accept your order unless the security items (security seal , safety label….etc) used are purchased from JUMIA only.

*Security items that needs to be bought from JUMIA
Security Seal for large sacks
Security Label
Return Security Sticker
Airway Bill Holder
Fragile Sticker
Handle with care Sticker for Liquid items
Multi-pieces Sticker