What is Jumia First?

By 2016-07-11

Jumia First is a value added services for the vendors that will boost the visibility of your products and ease the fulfillment of your orders.

With Jumia First, you sell more with less efforts:

  1. You store your products in our warehouse: you save warehousing costs and operational costs. We guarantee you a very competitive storage cost and save you time and money.
  2. Your products are seen first by the customers: every Jumia First products are tagged and boosted at the top of catalog pages and product pages.
  3. We deliver your products first to the customers: the products will be delivered faster because we have them in our warehouse. It will make your customers happy, and they will come back to shop your items.

Find more details about Jumia First here.

You can subscribe to this service by sending an email to seller.support@jumia.com.eg.