Videos for General Merchandise Product Creation

You will find in below all the videos that will help you for creating  and uploading your General Merchandise products successfully on the seller center .

How to add your products one by one using the master template.

[kad_youtube url=”–TArxCYHQ5qVDNA&index=4″
width=750 height=400 ]

How to add your products one by one, if it is not on the master template.

[kad_youtube url=”–TArxCYHQ5qVDNA&index=3″ width=750 height=400 ]

Mass upload for your products based on the required category ( The example provided is for Fashion products ). You can follow the same steps for other products , the only difference is that you will download the file for the relevant category.

[kad_youtube url=”–TArxCYHQ5qVDNA&index=8″ width=750 height=350 ]